Have you ever considered a leather interior and wall art to add some life, color, and spice to a commercial interior design? If not, then the idea of leather interiors and cladding panels should be something that you consider for future architectural designs. Whether you are designing a commercial building, government space, or other industrial complex, or are an interior design specialist working with businesses to provide a more comfortable and appealing interior for clients, then a leather interior, and even an upholstery interior, is a great modern option.

Cladding panels have become increasingly popular throughout modern architectural designs. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a new construction or seeking to add new life into an older building, cladding panels are an innovative concept that can save money and appeal to people from all walks of life. When thinking of cladding panels, one might assume that these are strictly metal or stone structures and designs, but a leather interior is a great way to create a contemporary look even in the oldest of buildings.


Leather is being used today with more than just furnishings. They are being used as flooring as well as wall coverings. A leather upholstered wall provides a warm interior design. They also provide great acoustical value in that they absorb sound and reduce echo. This can be very important in a high traffic, commercial space. When tile is used on the floor or even the walls as well, adding a leather interior cladding panel to the walls can help deaden the sound and echoes within the room.

With today’s modern advances and innovations, leather cladding can resemble tile or could even be given a “pillowed” look. When you are interested in a leather interior appearance for your modern design, Dynamic Cladding can provide the information you need to convert your new or existing commercial space into a new and modern feel.