Any architect who has an aesthetic eye to detail can tell you that linear design is fine for standard commercial properties, but what separates one ordinary styled building from one that captures attention and inspires the imagination is using curves, such as curved linings.


The problem with this approach, however, is cost. There are few manufacturers who can effectively produce compelling and imaginative curved linings and other curved designs for walls or ceilings and those that have this capability tend to be costly. In modern architecture, for most projects, budgets are limited. Companies want functionality combined with elegance, but they don’t want to pay an exceptional fee for it.

Throughout history, the basic notion of combining artistic design with structural integrity has been a challenge for architects around the world. Many of the most highly regarded structures and designs in architecture have combine curvature with linear definition. Today provides the enviable combination of cost effectiveness with aesthetic possibilities.


Curved linings from Dynamic Cladding is changing the nature of architectural design throughout Europe as these linings can now be produced with the same high quality appearance in pre-fabricated designs that are easy to incorporate into the construction process.

Through the use of casting, solid and injected resin forming, these curved linings are cost effective and elegant. These construction techniques are in place throughout a number of applications around the world, including office complexes, theme parks, and even Hollywood set designs.

When the design of a commercial space just won’t be complete without the complement of curved linings, then Dynamic Cladding offers the best solution for architects and interior designers.